conect4children (C4C)

During the last five months (March – July 2019), SIOPE and WP4 partners made substantial progress in setting up Multi-stakeholder Paediatric Strategy Meetings (MSM).  These MSM are scientific meetings set up to define unmet paediatric medical needs and to facilitate prioritisation among medicinal products developed by pharmaceutical companies.

An extensive consultation with clinicians and academia, industry, parents/patients was carried out aiming to gather topics for the MSM.  Successively, proposals were discussed within a Permanent Preparatory Team in charge of steering the MSM process and then ratified by the c4c Steering Committee.  The final decision is currently ongoing and should be delivered within weeks.

The next steps include the setting up of a Meeting Programme Committee (charged with defining the agenda and the selection of speakers / attendees), which is composed of the key interested parties (academia, industry, parents/patients, regulators). The first MSM is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2020.  One meeting will be organised every year.

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