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Objective 5:

Teenagers and Young Adults

To address the specific needs of teenagers and young adults

(TYA), in cooperation with adult oncology.

Although cancer in teenagers and young adults is rare, it is a substantial

cause of death in this population. Outcomes are often poorer than

in younger patients with the same cancer, and several contributory

factors have been identified: the type of tumours, their biology and

sensitivity to current therapies, as well as the low participation of TYA

in clinical trials [14] [15]. TYA have specific and unmet needs, including

complex psychological and social supportive care. Their position

between adult and children’s services in healthcare systems does not

allow for the best possible provision of care or dedicated research

that could improve their quality of survival.



To develop a comprehensive multidisciplinary European programme, tackling all issues

and specific needs of the TYA population. This will be a joint integrated programme

between paediatric and adult oncology, in strong partnership with patients.


1. Create a European multidisciplinary network on TYA cancers that covers care and research

and includes all health professionals and patients;

2. At the national level, help the creation of TYA cancer services, which provide the required

complex multidisciplinary care;

3. Define a training programme for health professionals addressing the specific needs of TYA;

4. Increase the portfolio of clinical trials for TYA, and increase their accessibility to all TYA


5. Monitor progress in TYA terms of survival, using the clinical epidemiology platform

(defined later in this document).

Within ENCCA a pilot project has been initiated in order to build the European Network for

Teenagers and Young Adults Cancer [14].



From AIEOP. Credit Attilio Rossetti

photographer, Italy