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Through building enhanced clinical registry

capabilities, PICORET will prospectively

collect detailed clinical and biological

information that can be used for quality

improvement of diagnostics and treatment

pathways for patients treated by a standard

treatment outside of clinical trials. PICORET

will monitor the survival of all children and

adolescents with cancer in Europe, and

will evaluate and compare the quality and

effectiveness of treatments. High resolution

studies will be run.

Initially, PICORET will focus on renal tumours,

neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma as its

first exemplars. It will develop standardised

clinical guidelines as well as a standardisation

and quality programme in standard care, with

a special focus on infant dosing. Twinning

between institutions in countries with higher

and lower survival rates will be introduced.

Data privacy will be carefully monitored, and

the project’s impact will be assessed.

Platform for quality assurance in

radiotherapy – The QUARTET project

Quality assurance and quality control are

mandatory when patients receive radiation

therapy. This is to make sure that each

patient gets the best treatment in terms of

maximising effectiveness and minimising

long-term side effects. However, they are not

systematically performed within clinical trials

and various programmes are implemented

only in a limited number of EU countries.


in RadioTherapy and imaging for children

and adolescents with cancer across Europe

in clinical Trials’) aims to build a radiation

therapy quality assurance programme across

all paediatric malignancies. It will be run in

partnership with the European Organisation

for Research on Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

and Aquilab for patients participating in

clinical trials using radiation therapy and

run by ECTGs. Eventually, the platform will

expand its activity to patients treated outside

of clinical trials.



Credit Attilio Rossetti

photographer, Italy

Credit Institut Gustave Roussy, France Credit Sociedade de Hemato-Oncologia

Pediátrica (SHOP), Portugal