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Page Background


In the 2015 Health programme, the

European Commission called for a


Action on Rare Cancers

that will be

implemented jointly with EU Member

States. This will provide the framework

for the implementation of part of the

SIOPE Strategic Plan and for cooperation

with adult oncology in the field of rare


In 2014, SIOPE effectively obtained the

commitment of EU institutions and

civil society representatives to support

young people with cancer, through their

endorsement of the SIOPE-ENCCA-ICCCPO

Manifesto for Paediatric Oncology. This

document was signed by 20 members of the

European Parliament, setting up objectives

to advance childhood cancer research,

treatment and care. After the European

elections, this document became an even

stronger advocacy document for SIOPE on

the long-term.

Additionally SIOPE and the European

paediatric haematology-oncology

community will contribute to the

development of oncopolicy in Europe in the

fields of multidisciplinary care, access to

innovation and development of e-Health.

SIOPE will join efforts with the European

CanCer Organisation (ECCO) along with

European Society for Medical Oncology

(ESMO) and other European societies.

Training and education programme

The aim of this programme is to encourage

high quality clinical and basic research as

well as the delivery of high quality care in

paediatric oncology throughout Europe.

This is a remit of SIOPE and focuses on the

organisation of educational courses and

on the revision of the training syllabus in

paediatric oncology.

SIOPE is involved in several training courses

to develop the knowledge of health

professionals on new and state-of-the-art

therapies and allow them to gain more

practical skills in the treatment of paediatric



The SIOPE-ESO Masterclass in paediatric

oncology: practice-oriented training

with a focus on the application of the

most recent research findings to clinical



The ECCO-AACR-ASCO workshop on

“Methods in clinical cancer research” in

Flims, Switzerland: introduction of junior

clinical oncologists to the principles of

good and innovative clinical trial design

and methods;



Course on the treatment of teenagers and

young adults (TYA) with cancer: centred

around multiple disciplines;


The joint SIOPE-ESMO training

programme on TYA.



“The EU Data Protection Regulation is a debatable piece of legislation which

could threaten childhood cancer clinical research” (Nikolaus Forgó, Institute

for Legal Informatics, DE)