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Page Background

There was indeed an urgent need to access

new drugs developed by pharmaceutical

companies as early as possible during their

development in adults, and to avoid families

moving to the US to get access to innovative

therapies in development.

Thanks to the EU Paediatric Medicine

Regulation, pharmaceutical companies and

academia have started to work together, to

evaluate oncology drugs within paediatric

investigation plans. This is a learning

curve for everyone since pharmaceutical

companies are not accustomed to working

with paediatric oncologists and vice versa.

The goal is to develop ‘

intelligent and

transparent’ partnerships

that recognise

the specificities of paediatric haematology-

oncology, i.e. a well-structured arena for

clinical research, dealing with rare and

complex situations, while the paediatric

development of oncology drugs is, by

definition, a pre-competitive research

activity for pharmaceutical companies and

competition to access rare patients makes

no sense.

A new model of cooperation between

pharmaceutical companies, academia and

public-private partnership needs to be

developed in order to adequately address

the needs of children and adolescents with

cancer and regulatory requirements. This

is being addressed in the CDDF-SIOPE-ITCC

paediatric oncology platform. In addition, a

strategy will be implemented to encourage

investment and partnership with small

pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs

against specific paediatric targets.

Partnership with charities

In several EU Member States, charities

are extremely efficient at fundraising to

support research and care for children and

adolescents with cancer. These efforts are

developed at the national level and can be

fragmented, with significant differences

between countries.

Most research programmes are run at the

European level, and there is a need to figure

out how charities from different countries

can be more efficient at jointly funding large

and ambitious European programmes.

SIOPE will propose to charities to fund

and co-fund European projects and

programmes. By defining, implementing

and coordinating a long term sustainable

Strategic Plan, SIOPE and the European

paediatric haematology-oncology are willing

to provide a transparent and clear visibility

to the projects that will be run within a well-

defined and integrated framework.



Credit Czech Working Group for Paediatric Oncology, Czech Republic