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Page Background

The SIOPE Strategic Plan is one of the deliv-

erables of the European Network for Cancer

research in Children and Adolescents (ENC-

CA), a network of excellence that was

run from 2011 to 2015 under the EU 7th

Framework Programme for research and in-

novation (FP7).

This plan was first elaborated by a dedicated

working group, the ENCCA Long-term Sus-

tainability (LTS) working group. Established

within the ENCCA project, this group is com-

posed of outstanding experts in paediatric

oncology: Andrea Biondi, Angelika Eggert,

Lars Hjorth, Jerzy Kowalczyk, Ruth Laden-

stein, Giorgio Perilongo, Rob Pieters, Kathy

Pritchard-Jones, Martin Schrappe, Richard

Sullivan and Gilles Vassal (working group


The first document has been presented, dis-

cussed, and refined through the contributions

of SIOPE Board members and partners from

the ENCCA project, the European Clinical Trial

Groups (ECTGs) and the National Paediatric

Haematology-Oncology Societies (NaPHOS) –

both parts of the European Clinical Research

Council for Paediatric and Adolescent Oncol-

ogy (CRC, formerly ECRC) – the ENCCA Par-

ent Patient Advocacy Committee (PPAC), and

the Europe Regional Committee of Childhood

Cancer International (CCI).

On September 18


and 19


, 2014, SIOPE

organized a conference in Brussels entitled

‘Joining efforts for a brighter future for chil-

dren and adolescents with cancer – The Euro-

pean roadmap to Horizon 2020’

, in order to en-

sure the sustainability on the long-term of the

results achieved in the framework of ENCCA.

On this occasion, approximately 160 partici-

pants from 31 countries – representing all

stakeholders (patients, survivors, parents,

academia, charities, industry, regulators, EU

policy-makers) – endorsed the SIOPE propos-

al and called for a European Cancer Plan for

Children and Adolescents.

The ENCCA Scientific Advisory Board (com-

posed of Peter Adamson, Ulrik Ringborg, Hol-

ger Schünemann) reviewed the proposal in

early 2015.

The pre-final draft was approved by the SI-

OPE General Assembly in October 2014, by

the ENCCA General Assembly in January 2015,

and the final version has been approved by

the SIOPE Board on May 20th, 2015.

The SIOPE Strategic Plan will be launched at

the 2015 European Cancer Congress in Vienna

in September 2015 and at the European Par-

liament during a special event of the Mem-

bers of the Parliament Against Cancer (MAC)

group in November 2015.




European Network for Cancer research

in Children and Adolescents