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Page Background


IOPE will steer and coordinate the effective


of this Strategic Plan,

together with the European Clinical Trial

Groups (ECTGs) and the National Paediatric

Haematology Oncology Societies (NAPHOS)

in close cooperation with the parents,

patients, and survivors’ advocates from the

Europe Regional Committee of Childhood

Cancer International (CCI).

Cross-tumour platforms and projects


facilitate this implementation: a Clinical Trial

Facilitating (CTF) platform to ease setting

up of clinical trials within the new EU Clinical

Trial Regulation, the PICORET (Population

Improvement in Childhood cancer Outcomes

through Research, Evaluation and Training)

outcome research project to evaluate and

monitor progress in childhood cancer survival

and therapy effectiveness, the QUARTET

(Quality and Excellence in Radiotherapy and

Imaging for Children and Adolescents with

Cancer across Europe in Clinical Trials) project

for quality assurance in radiation therapy, the

CDDF-SIOPE-ITCC multi-stakeholder platform

to improve oncology drug development

for children and adolescents, and the

‘Ethics, Social Science and Humanities’

project to address the ethical aspects

related to paediatric cancer. An efficient

IT infrastructure to support e-Health and

research will be developed, and a European

Reference Network for paediatric patients

with cancer will be created to facilitate cross-

border healthcare and access to expertise.

The ‘Oncopolicy’ programme will ensure that

the needs of young people are well taken

into account into all EU policy initiatives in

the field of health and research. Finally, the

‘Education and Training’ programme will

ensure an adequate training to paediatric

oncology health professionals.


will be strengthened with

patients, parents and survivors’ advocates,

adult oncologists as well as paediatric

oncologists fromother continents. ‘Intelligent

and transparent’ public-private partnerships,

recognizing the specificities of paediatric

haematology-oncology, will be established

with industry. The Strategic Plan’s projects

and structures will be funded through

European and national grants, as well as by

charities and industry.

In conclusion, as a result of several initiatives

to involve all stakeholders and ensure that

all their points of view would be taken into

account in the document, this long-term

sustainable Strategic Plan has achieved a

broadconsensus, andwill serveas a


Cancer Plan for Children and Adolescents’.

Gilles Vassal

, SIOPE President and ENCCA

Activity Coordinator

Ruth Ladenstein

, SIOPE Board Member and

ENCCA Coordinator

Martin Schrappe

, SIOPE President-Elect and

ENCCA Activity Coordinator

Kathy Pritchard-Jones

, SIOPE Board Member

and ENCCA Activity Coordinator