General Assembly 2014

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Thursday, 23rd October 2014, 12.50 – 13.50

Provincial Ballroom, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Canada

During the SIOP Congress 2014 (Toronto, Canada)

Several SIOPE members could attend the yearly SIOPE General Assembly 2014.

Exclusively for SIOPE members, on this occasion you will receive updates from the SIOPE Board and Office on our current activities, including the outcome of the key SIOPE – ENCCA Conference 2014 ‘Joining Efforts for a Brighter Future for Children and Adolescents with Cancer – The European Roadmap to Horizon 2020’, and the recently started EXPO-r-Net project, and we will provide essential data on childhood cancer and the latest news EU policies developments.

We will engage with you to gauge your interest on where you think SIOPE should be going in the future, and you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas on the current developments that may have an impact on European paediatric oncology. Finally, at the General Assembly we will inform you about the results of this year’s SIOPE Board elections, welcoming 2 new members on our Board.

The SIOPE community has considerably grown, representing today almost 1,300 professionals from 27 countries from all over Europe. A special ‘thank you’ goes therefore to the national paediatric oncology societies for their cooperation, and – last but not least – to you for choosing to be part of this growing and influential community.

Last General Assembly took place on 23rd October 2014 during the SIOP Congress at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel (Canada).

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