Support our multiple projects and initiatives, to create a brighter future for children and adolescents with cancer.


Your donation will contribute to accomplish at least one of the 7 objectives of the SIOPE Strategic Plan:

  1. Infographic2Innovative treatments: to introduce safe and effective innovative treatments (i.e. new drugs, new technologies) into standard care
  2. Precision cancer medicine: to use improved risk classification as well as biological characteristics of both the tumour and patient to help guide decisions on which therapies to use
  3. Tumour biology: to increase knowledge of tumour biology and speed up translation from basic research to clinical care to benefit patients
  4. Equal access: to bring about equal access across Europe to standard care, expertise and clinical research
  5. TYA: to address the specific needs of teenagers and young adults (TYA), in cooperation with adult oncology
  6. Quality of survivorship: to address the consequences of cancer treatment, to better understand the genetic background/risk of an individual, and to improve quality of life of childhood cancer survivors
  7. Causes of cancer: to understand the causes of paediatric cancers and to address prevention wherever possible

For example, the QUARTET project on radiotherapy quality assurance has been funded thanks to the generosity of Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner, a Luxembourg foundation which provides multi-disciplinary support to families of children with cancer and actively supports paediatric oncology research.

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