EU Projects

SIOPE is part of the following EU-funded projects:

  • ERN PaedCan, European Reference Network on Paediatric Cancer
  • PARTNER Project, Paediatric Rare Tumours Network – European Registry
  • JARC, EU Joint Action on Rare Cancers
  • conect4children (c4c)
  • PRIMAGEPredictive In-silico Multiscale Analytics to support cancer personalised diaGnosis and prognosis, Empowered by imaging biomarkers
  • PanCareFollowUp – Novel, patient-centred survivorship care to improve care quality, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and accessibility for survivors and caregivers

EU-funded past projects:

  • EXPO-r-NeT, the European Expert Paediatric Oncology Reference Network for Diagnostics and Treatment
  • ENCCA, the European Network for Cancer Research in Children and Adolescents
  • PanCareSurFup, PanCare Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivor Care and Follow-Up Studies
  • EPAAC, the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer

Other past projects:

EU-funded projects are ensuring we have the critical mass of expertise and evidence to advance treatments for rare cancers and better integrate and coordinate research with all stakeholders.

SIOPE works together with all the key stakeholders in paediatric oncology, in a combined effort to increase professional and scientific co-operation in paediatric oncology. Through the years, SIOPE has consolidated strong and fruitful partnership with other research organisations and advocacy groups, both at the national and supranational levels, in order to advance our goals with a unified voice. This is why many times SIOPE has been considered as the ‘natural partner’ when setting a new European-wide project in our field, and been asked to participate in important EU-funded projects focusing on research and awareness-raising.



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