Young SIOPE is a formal group within SIOP Europe which was officially launched during the first SIOP Europe Annual Meeting in Prague (20-24 May 2019).

It is a forum for young members of the European paediatric oncology community and it is intended to foster a closer community and to facilitate involvement of SIOP Europe’s youngest members in research, development and education.

The group’s overarching aims are to facilitate involvement and exchange in clinical, research, and educational activities as well as to become a driving force and platform for new ideas in the field of paediatric oncology.

SIOP Europe’s Board and members will benefit from the diversity of backgrounds and out-of-the-box thinking approach of the Young SIOPE members, while the Young SIOPE members in turn will benefit from the support in their development.

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Young SIOPE Steering Committee

Reineke Schoot
Inaugural Chair
Eva Brack Teresa de Rojas Nikolas Herold
Maria Otth
Erika Pace
Roelof van Ewijk

Young SIOPE Members

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Daniela Di Carlo Stefan Fiedler Claire Keeling Mimi Kjaersgaard
Paula Pérez-Albert

Ivana Radulovic
Francesca Maria Rizzo

Members’ biographies can be accessed here (PDF)

Official Launch of Young SIOPE

Young SIOPE was officially launched during the first SIOP Europe Annual Meeting in Prague (20-24 May 2019).

Young SIOPE organised two sessions to discuss the aims, goals, terms of reference and the future of the Young SIOPE group. Furthermore, the group organised a joint session with ECHO on LCH and HLH as well as a joint session with PanCare on late effects.

Young SIOPE also met with the SIOPE European Clinical Trial Group chairs and members to discuss the involvement of Young SIOPE members in the different tumour groups.

Young SIOPE Social Event

Young SIOPE also organised a networking dinner and boat cruise.


Young SIOPE Newsletter

Issue #1

Issue #2


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