Run for kids with cancer… Fintro ‘Dwars door Mechelen’

SIOP EUROPE: Creating a brighter future for children and adolescents with cancer

Cancer in young people is rare but it is still a major health issue in Europe.

With 35 000 new cases and 6 000 children dying each year, paediatric cancer remains the leading cause of death from disease for children and young people.

SIOP Europe is the only pan-European organisation representing all professions (doctors, nurses, scientists, etc.) working in the field of childhood cancers.  Our mission is to ensure a brighter future for all children and adolescents affected by cancer in Europe.  We are striving to reach two goals by the year 2025: to increase the cure rate and the quality of cure for children and adolescents with cancer.

Why run with SIOP Europe?  Because every kilometre you run counts for childhood cancer.  Join us on Sunday 29 September 2019 in Mechelen for the 5K or 10K Run (Fintro ‘Dwars door Mechelen’).  

Together for a brighter future for children and young people:

We will not stop when we are tired!

We will stop when we are done!

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Please kindly note that the registration with the SIOP Europe Team is now closed. If you wish to join the run and support SIOP Europe by donating 5 EUR, please visit Dwars door Mechelen website:


Practical information


  • from 12:00 Registration and race number pick up (5 km & 10 km): Sportpark De Nekker
  • 14:30 Fintro Mechelen Run 5 km (Fintro Dwars door Mechelen 5 km): Sportpark De Nekker
  • 15:15 Fintro Mechelen Run 10 km (Fintro Dwars door Mechelen 10 km): Sportpark De Nekker

Departure: Sportpark De Nekker (Nekkerspoel-Borcht 19, 2800 Mechelen)
Arrival: Grote Markt Mechelen

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