International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (ICCD 2017)

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‘Milestones and the Road Ahead Towards More Life-Saving Innovation’

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Event Programme

Tuesday 7 March 2017 (14:00 – 16:00)
European Parliament (Room P3C050), Brussels, Belgium

Hosted by MEP Dr. Elena Gentile (S&D, IT)

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This yearly awareness-raising SIOPE event will take place this year on Tuesday 7th March 2017 at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, under the auspices of the S&D Parliamentary Group of the European Parliament.

Event participants will discuss the activities carried out by the European community to tackle childhood cancers, reflect on the accomplishments, highlight the persisting needs still to be met, and trace the road ahead towards more and better cure. The recently voted European Parliament Resolution on Paediatric Medicines – which seeks to improve the EU Regulation on Paediatric Medicines – will be presented as a key milestone.

International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 2017 (ICCD 2017) will also follow the closing of the European Commission’s consultation on this Regulation, and coincide with its work on the 10-year report regarding the same legislation. Finally, the event will also take place right after the 5th ACCELERATE Conference (2-3 March 2017), the multi-stakeholder forum where further steps to speed up innovation will be discussed by academia, industry, parents, and regulators.

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