The SIOPE Office is headed by the Secretary General and supports the Board and the General Assembly in pursuing the important SIOPE Mission. Therefore, the aim of the Office is to:

  • Facilitate the collaboration among European professionals in the field of paediatric oncology;
  • Design and implement SIOPE communication;
  • Empower SIOPE’s board, facilitating its relationship with key stakeholders, policy-makers in the European Union.

Since September 2007, the Office is located in Brussels, within the cancer education and research building, home also of: ECCO, ESSO, EORTC and NCI.

The Office is composed by:

Samira Olga elena Giulia
Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Samira ESSIAF (BE) Policy and Public Affairs Coordinator: Olga KOZHAEVA (BE) Administrative Assistant: Elena BOTANINA (RU) Communication Coordinator (Consultant): Giulia PETRARULO (IT)

Contact us: E-mail:, Tel: +32 2 775 02 12

Avenue E. Mounier 83
B-1200 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 775 02 12
Fax: +32 2 775 02 00