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Chair for Paediatric Oncology (The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zurich)

This Full Professorship is associated with the Direction of the Division of Paediatric Oncology
at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich.
This Division is the largest of the nine corresponding Centres in Switzerland. It establishes
about 70 – 90 new diagnoses and treats more than 800 in-patients and 6000 out-patients
yearly. It is embedded in several clinical research networks and maintains close contacts with
referring clinics and paediatricians.
The duties of the new Professorship encompass the direction and further development of the
clinic, along with the establishment of a competitive research program supported by third-party
funding in one of the following major areas: leukaemia, sarcoma, brain tumors. In addition,
participation to teaching in the curriculum of human medicine at the University of Zurich
and engagement in postgraduate education and continuous medical education complete the
Applicants are expected to be board-certified in paediatric oncology, with a Habilitation or
equivalent, and to have wide clinical and research experience, including expertise in stateof-the-art
diagnoses and therapies, enabling them to represent the field of paediatric oncology
across in its entire breath both internally and externally.
We seek a strategic thinker with a vision towards implementing novel treatment concepts and
innovative therapies based on research-derived knowledge and concepts. Key personality traits
are resilience, outstanding sense of organisation, willingness to endorse new responsibilities
and to make difficult decisions, refined communication skills, ability to motivate collaborators,
and empathy for patients and their relatives.
The University of Zurich is an equal opportunity employer. The Faculty of Medicine implements
specific measures in the selection process to increase the proportion of women with a faculty

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 5th November 2018

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This webpage is a one-stop-shop for paediatric oncology professionals, where you can find all the latest professional and training opportunities across the EU, as well as some useful information on cross-border mobility, citizens’ rights and social security.  SIOPE constantly promote multidisciplinary collaborations across Europe and support individual researchers wishing to pursue a career in paediatric oncology, so that they can develop their careers and contribute to future advances in this field.

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A number of factors should be investigated: there may be considerable differences in housing cost and the general cost of living between EU countries. When finding somewhere to live whether renting or buying property, local advice should be sought. The process for provision of utilities (gas, electricity, telephone) will be different in each country and may take some time.  If you are planning to move with your family the standards and costs of child care, schooling and education will differ and, school places may be limited. All doctors who wish to continue clinical practice will be subject to the regulations prevalent in the country to which they are intending to work. The process of acceptance is different in many countries and can be complex and time consuming. If you are unaware of the rules of employment or other factors affecting your employment status or ability to accept a post please contact the institution making the job offer directly.

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