European Advocacy

3Since the creation of our Society, our efforts focused on making the voice of paediatric oncology heard at the European level. Today SIOPE has become a key stakeholder, deeply involved in several discussions with EU policy-makers on the revision and assessment of EU pieces of legislation. This is why the paediatric oncology community needs SIOPE to:

  • Identify and unify the opinions of the paediatric oncology community in Europe
  • Speak with a single representative voice at the EU-level and influence the European health and research policies
  • Be part of EU influential networks and engage other stakeholders in paediatric cancer research, care and education

Based in Brussels, at the heart of EU policy and decision-making, on a daily basis SIOPE engages in ‚ÄėOncopolicy‚Äô: a planned and sustained interaction with EU policy-makers and other stakeholders to anticipate and proactively shape EU health and research policies on childhood cancer. Having patients and parents as partners is crucial, as well as the establishment of strategic partnerships with other paediatric and rare diseases experts, and the adult oncology community for teenagers and young adults.

Every year SIOPE marks International Childhood Cancer Day  (20 February 2018) to raise awareness on the challenges faced by children and adolescents with cancer in Europe, and those who care for them.

Importantly, SIOPE is registered in the official EU Transparency Register of interest representatives (id. nr.: 122803916413-09).

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