The Board  oversees the work of SIOPE and provides guidance in administering the organisation. It meets approximately every month, to discuss the priorities and issues at stake and agree on a joint approach to problem solving.  More specifically, the role of the SIOPE Board is to:

  • Provide strategic advice on paediatric oncology in Europe;
  • Define priorities and targets of the organisation;
  • Review SIOPE financial management and scrutiny of annual accounts;
  • Provide expert input on scientific policy and management issues.

The Board is led by the President and is composed of the President-Elect or Past-President (depending on the term), the Treasurer, the Chief Executive Officer, the SIOPE Clinical Research Council Chairs and a certain number of other Board Members (currently 11), each with expertise in a specific field.

Board members are either elected by the General Assembly or appointed by the Board – for their particular expertise – for a three-year term, renewable for only one consecutive term.  The work of the Board is supported by the SIOPE team.


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