The Board of Directors oversees the work of SIOPE and provides guidance in administering the organisation.
The Board is guided by the President and composed by: the Treasurer, the CEO and 9 Members. The President Elect or Past President (depending on the term), the two SIOPE Clinical Research Council Chairs (one representing European Clinical Trial Groupsand the other representing the National Societies of paediatric oncology) take part in the Board meetings. Board members are either elected by the General Assembly or appointed by the Board – because of their particular expertise – for a three-year term, renewable for only one consecutive term.

The work of the Board is supported by the SIOPE Office.

The role of the SIOPE Board is to:

  • Provide strategic advice on paediatric oncology in Europe;
  • Define priorities and targets of the organisation;
  • Review SIOPE financial management and scrutiny of annual accounts;
  • Provide expert input on scientific policy and management issues.

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