SIOP Europe 20th Anniversary

SIOP Europe (SIOPE) – building a brighter future for children and adolescents with cancer
SIOPE Europe’s 20th Anniversary is an opportunity to reflect – to look back on our history and take stock of the achievements.  It is also an opportunity to highlight where SIOPE – and the European paediatric oncology community as a whole – needs to amplify its efforts to meet current and future challenges across all the objectives identified in the SIOPE Strategic Plan. 


SIOP Europe President and CEO’s Message

SIOP Europe (SIOPE) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  This is a remarkable accomplishment and embodies the determination and success of the organisation.

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20th Anniversary Events


Reflections and testimonials

Here are a series of quotes and testimonials from some of the personalities that have made significant contributions to SIOP Europe and the paediatric cancer cause over the years.

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SIOP Europe at 20: Moments and milestones

Delving into photo archives to explore SIOPE’s 20-year journey and many of the events that shaped its history.  Browsing through the moments, we hope you are inspired to continue devoting your energy, passion and creativity to our organisation.

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Our achievements @ 20

Several objectives have been highlighted to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  These help provide an understanding of where the organisation has come from, how it has evolved and how these achievements can be built on in the future.

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Share with us

Take a look at some of the ways we are marking our anniversary and use #SIOPEurope20 to say Happy 20th Anniversary to SIOPE in your local language on Twitter.

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